Object-Region Video Transformers


Recently, video transformers have shown great success in video understanding, exceeding CNN performance; yet existing video transformer models do not explicitly model objects, although objects can be essential for recognizing actions. In this work, we present Object-Region Video Transformers (ORViT), an object-centric approach that extends video transformer layers with a block that directly incorporates object representations. The key idea is to fuse object-centric representations starting from early layers and propagate them into the transformer-layers, thus affecting the spatio-temporal representations throughout the network. Our ORViT block consists of two object-level streams: appearance and dynamics. In the appearance stream, an “Object-Region Attention” module applies selfattention over the patches and object regions. In this way, visual object regions interact with uniform patch tokens and enrich them with contextualized object information. We further model object dynamics via a separate “Object Dynamics Module”, which captures trajectory interactions, and show how to integrate the two streams. We evaluate our model on four tasks and five datasets: compositional and few-shot action recognition on SomethingElse, spatio-temporal action detection on AVA, and standard action recognition on Something-Something V2, Diving48 and Epic-Kitchen100. We show strong performance improvement across all tasks and datasets considered, demonstrating the value of a model that incorporates object representations into a transformer architecture. For code and pretrained models, visit the project page at https://roeiherz.github.io/ORViT/

Under Review